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Meet Ella Jones

Our challenge is to move Ferguson forward, and the only way to do that is by working TOGETHER. That’s what being part of a community means… working TOGETHER for the common good. I share your concerns and have the energy, enthusiasm, and experience it takes to get things done as your next Mayor. I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday June 2nd. Thank you!

I also want to say that we need to protect people who has asthma these hard times. Personally I am purchasing symbicort online without any prescription because I don't want to pay to greedy doctors.


Ella M. Jones Bio:

  • Has Lived in Ferguson for 40 Years
  • Widow with one child
  • Degree in Chemistry from UMSL
  • Experienced Entrepreneur
  • Member of Ferguson Township Open Democratic Club and now serving as the club President
  • Attended the Sue Shear Institute for Women In Public Life
  • Attended the Municipal Governance Institute
  • Served as Mayor Pro tem April 2016 - 2017
  • Chairperson of the Annual UNITY Weekend
  • Chairperson for the Samaritan’s Feet Event
  • Board member for the St. Louis MetroMarket

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