Ella’s 2020 Campaign for Mayor - Platform

VOTE Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020 Ella is committed to improving the quality of life for all of the citizens of Ferguson. This is why she is running for Mayor.

    A. Support the hiring Qualified Police Officers
    B. Increase Crime Prevention efforts
    C. Stop speeding in neighborhoods and around town
    D. Collaborate with other law enforcement for crime prevention
    E. Secure guns
    F. Work with residents to decrease loitering and illegal activity

    A. Improve opportunities for Youth employment
    B. Support for Continued Accreditation of Schools
    C. Skill Trade Training

    A. Continue Street Repairs
    B. Improve Lighting in the Neighborhoods
    C. Improve Property Management with Landlords
    D. Support for Home Ownership- Improve Credit, First time Home Owner Funding
    E. Support Home Repair Program - CAASTLC
    F. Expand neighborhood watch and beautification programs

    A. Improve access to resources that will better enable Seniors to Age in Place
    B. Improve senior services

    A. Work to bring new, good paying jobs to Ferguson
    B. Support Job Training in the School District
    C. Work with Chamber of Commerce and others to create a strategic partnership to attract businesses

Support the development of a community engagement strategy that includes:

    A. Hiring a Community Engagement Coordinator.
    B. Adopting a team approach to identifying and addressing the root causes of problems that negatively impact community stability
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